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August 24, 2015 Tracey Richardson-Newton

As a materials supplier, you want to capitalize on the economic recovery and strengthen your financial health. This is a good time to consider using a company that can help you make your credit program a growth engine instead of a drain on cash or constraint to sales.  You may be looking at companies such as:

Billing companies: Can save you the time and hassle of billing and reconciliations, often moving billing and payments online for you and your customers.

Collection agencies: Provide a way to minimize your losses, recover cash and free-up time spent on past-due accounts.

Factoring companies: Ideal for a one-time cash infusion that can reduce your risk exposure through the discounted purchase of your receivables.

Banks: Focus is often on financing for your long-term investments and lines of credit to cover short-term cash needs.

Professional credit services: Give you guaranteed payments on 100% of sales, protection from risk and full credit, billing, collection and customer services.


To help you select the company best suited to support your goals and know what questions to ask, read the full article now.

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Tracey Richardson-Newton

Tracey serves as Vice President of Credit Risk Management and Customer Operations, responsible for complete oversight of the credit risk management function as well as credit and collection operations.

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