The BlueTarp Building Supply Index - 2017 Q2

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text image showing the unadjusted BlueTarp 2017 Q2 Index is 131.04

Graph of index data from Q1 2008 until Q1 2017How to Interpret the Index

BlueTarp’s Building Supply Index is a quarterly measure of the economic health of the building supply industry. The Index is a weighted composite of proprietary BlueTarp spending and delinquency data as well as three macro-economic factors: building permits, construction spend, and consumer confidence.  BlueTarp’s spending and delinquency data offers a unique cross-section of the industry, representing trends from experience with 120,000 pro customers at over 2,000 suppliers across the United States including hardware stores, lumber yards, building material suppliers, flooring, and plumbing/HVAC. 

The index value of 100 is benchmarked to April 2013.  Values below 100 reflect recessionary or recovering performance.  Values above 100 reflect healthy economic activity. The Index shows both an unadjusted and 12-month trailing average view to incorporate seasonality. The best way to interpret the unadjusted view is to compare current quarter performance to the same quarter the previous year. The best way to read the trailing average view, is quarter to quarter in the same year.  A higher value vs. previous timeframe reflects further strengthening. A lower value would indicate weakening.

Maco Economic Drivers

Graphs showing Consumer Confidence, Counstruction Spend, Building Permits

Speed and Delinquency

Scatter Plot Graph showing Deliquency to Spend

How to Read This: 

The chart above reflects a trailing 12-month average of our proprietary spend and delinquency data from pro customers of BlueTarp’s 2,000+ suppliers across the US. Each data point reflects the average spend and delinquency of contractors for a given month. The best way to read is to compare data point to data point. 

graph showing compared to last year how contractors feel sales are trending


graph showing Looking ahead at the next 12 years, how do contractors feel about the health of the economy


In Q2 2017, 56% of dealers reported somewhat or significantly higher sales this year versus 17% that reported a decline – a net of 39%.  Respondents attributed these results to consumer  confidence. Looking ahead, optimism also remained at an elevated level. 

Macro-economic data points can be restated up to four months post release. 

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