Case study: Your credit manager and BlueTarp

Credit managers who work with BlueTarp find their jobs transformed for the better. Supported by BlueTarp’s web tools and professional staff, credit managers have access to information, expertise and technology that make their job easier. The predictable cash flow guaranteed by the BlueTarp program takes the guesswork out of scheduling accounts payable. And, the best dividend of all is how credit managers are able to focus more time on helping customers while BlueTarp is taking care of the back office details.

Predictable cash flow helps planning

Because BlueTarp guarantees payment, credit managers no longer need to spend time juggling accounts receivable against payables. The building supplier decides how frequently they receive BlueTarp settlements­—daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. The guesswork is taken out of monthly payment schedules and long-range planning thanks to BlueTarp’s reliable cash flow.

“It used to take a long time for us to get our payments in—now our monthly BlueTarp disbursement is a number we can count on, and that’s really important,” says Jené Hallenbeck of GNH Lumber.

photo of Jene who oversees accounts receivable at GNH Lumber

The guaranteed payments from BlueTarp are one of the best aspects of the program.

- Jené Hallenback, Accounts Receivable, GNH Lumber

Information just a click away

BlueTarp’s online tools are a boon for credit managers, providing up-to-the-minute insight into every customer’s payment history, spending and current available credit. In just a couple of mouse clicks, they can get a complete customer profile without going through stacks of invoices and paperwork.

“I have all the information I need to do my job in one place and the website is simple to use—I just log in every morning and search by customer account number,” 
says Debbie Clemen of Northern Tool.

Credit managers can quickly access a range of customer information: 

  • See customer purchase and payment histories
  • Check customer’s available credit 
  • Print copies of invoices
  • View customer rewards points
  • Find and/or update customer contact information

A partner in customer service

In addition to online tools, BlueTarp’s credit and collections teams are only a phone call away, providing immediate information and support for credit managers. From requests for credit line increases and questions about new applicants to discussing how to handle collections for a customer, credit managers rely on BlueTarp professionals and their shared goal to provide good service to the company’s pro customers.

photo of Debbie, credit card analyst at Northern Tool and Equipment

The online information provided by BlueTarp is one of the best benefits of the program.

- Debbie Clemen, Credit Card Analyst, Northern Tool

“The people at BlueTarp are easy to work with and are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful,” says Jené Hallenbock of GNH Lumber. “They answer questions immediately, and that’s been great because our customers never have to wait on BlueTarp for information if we’re in the middle of processing an order.”

Credit managers also appreciate the fact that BlueTarp treats their customers the way they do. From the credit application process to making collection calls, customers receive professional, friendly service. And because BlueTarp works exclusively in the building supply industry, its customer service representatives understand the unique challenges faced by pro customers.

Time to focus on what’s important

With BlueTarp handling everything from credit applications, checks and approvals to billing, payments and collections, credit managers can spend more time focused on high-value activities that support business growth. And with so much information at their fingertips, credit managers can efficiently answer customer questions and resolve any outstanding issues. Sales efforts are also supported with purchasing trend and credit line information that identifies customers who are ready and qualified to buy.

photo of Kelly, in charge of accounts receivable at Ben's Contractor Center

Working with BlueTarp saves us a lot of time, time that we can spend working with customers instead of chasing after payments.

- Kelly Kaatz,  Accounts Receivable, Ben’s Contractor Center

“Without BlueTarp, there’s no way I could keep up with all the customers, setting up statements, collecting money—it would be a job for several people,” observes Kelly Kaatz of Ben’s Contractor Center.

The difficult task of collections is made easier with BlueTarp, reducing the time and the hassle of making customer calls. Credit managers can choose to handle collections personally with important customers, or they can turn it all over to the BlueTarp collections team. Either way, in-house credit managers always play a key role in their partnership with BlueTarp, advising on credit decisions and providing important customer perspective.




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