Three ways to leverage the growing economy

March 2, 2016 BlueTarp Financial



The economy is growing again, and now is the time to boost sales, invest in your company and protect yourself from increased risk. Learn how BlueTarp can create a customized credit program so you can grow and protect your business with confidence. 


Give customers what competitors can’t

An improving economy means your pro customers also have opportunities for growth. Support them with larger lines and extended terms so they can go after bigger jobs with slower pay cycles. Help them manage their business with convenient online tools and thank them with an  attractive rewards program. BlueTarp gives you a competitive advantage that delivers real value to your  customers and encourages them to spend more with you.

Get guaranteed cash flow so you can invest
Cash is king, and BlueTarp provides your business  with guaranteed cash flow so you can expand, build inventory, secure purchase discounts and so much more. Rather than borrowing against your receivables, you can preserve your bank lines for tough times. And when your accounts receivable are 100% current, you’ll be in a stronger position to secure larger bank loans and lines to support strategic investments.

Protect yourself from growing risk
When sales increase, your exposure to risk increases, too – either from existing customers who want larger lines and more time to pay, or from new customers you haven’t worked with before. Making good credit decisions requires more than just instinct. BlueTarp takes the risk of non-payment off your shoulders. We rely on proprietary credit tools and expertise to make the right decisions that encourage good customers to spend more while reducing your exposure with at-risk customers. 


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BlueTarp Financial

BlueTarp Financial delivers customized B2B credit management programs that grow and protect your business. We offer a unique combination of AR management tools, cash flow and risk protection, with optional collections and customer support. Our programs are designed to encourage sales, improve your customer experience and eliminate costs. Learn more at

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