Protect Yourself From Risk, Not Just Bad Debt

The credit process is not just about uncovering the risk of someone not paying you back – it’s also about identifying if a customer will be slow to pay. More than an inconvenience, the cost difference of providing credit to someone who pays promptly and someone who is chronically 60 days late can be 2-4%, depending on your cost of money and how much resource you use to collect that money.

This increase in cost can mean the difference between a profitable and unprofitable customer.

This article explains how to use all of the information at your disposal to uncover what kind of customer you are getting. 

About the Author

Scott Simpson

Scott is president and CEO of BlueTarp. He has spent the majority of his twenty year career in financial services helping businesses grow more rapidly through the effective use of credit.

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Tips for Managing Credit: Published in LBM Journal

Learn best practices to collect from late customers and still keep them happy.

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Case Study: GNH Lumber


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